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Great Babies Rescue a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization made up of a small group of volunteers that are committed to helping with the problem of homeless and abused dogs. We are a small but very dedicated group that is forever striving toward our goal of educating families, readjusting abused animals in a loving environment and placing them in permanent homes. As space permits, we rescue animals in need from all over the United States out of kill shelters, strays off the street, and rescued through our extensive networks.

Great Baby
Great Baby

Great Babies Rescue is run primarily out of Terry and Brian Holzheimer’s home in Paoli, IN. The rescue is set on twenty one acres of land, using only a third of the property with the hopes to build out the rest of the land into a fully functioning dog sanctuary and rehabilitation center.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To rescue, rehabilitate, and locate permanent loving homes for abused, neglected, abandoned, lost, injured, or special needs (i.e. deaf, blind, cancer, senior, aggression/under-socialized) dogs that can be adopted and to provide a sanctuary for those dogs that cannot be adopted due to age, medical issues, temperament, or special needs.

Great Baby

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