Things to know about fostering

1. If your foster dog is coming from a us, we’ll be in touch with you regarding the scheduling of his arrival. When your dog arrives, we’ll either bring him to you, or you will pick him up from the drop-off location.

2. All dogs will be spayed / neutered, fully vetted and when they arrive. If there are any known health issues, you will be made aware of this in advance, and we’ll make sure you agree to fostering a special needs dog.

3. We’ll provide initial necessities, such as a crate (as long as you let us know you need one), a collar and leash. Since all of these things are paid for by Great Babies, we greatly appreciate anything you can provide for your foster dog.

4. Be prepared for accidents. These poor guys have been through a lot. They’ve been removed from their homes, for whatever reason, left in a shelter or two, stuck in countless crates and been transported across many state lines. They’re a little unsettled, and it’s going to take them a little time to ease into yet another new home. In the mean time.

5. Separation anxiety is a possibility. It’s no fun, but it can be handled in a productive way. Again, it’s important to remember what these guys have been through, and you’re likely the first stable presence in their life since they lost their original home.

6. Of course, we’re here to help as much as we can, but you’re encouraged to do some research as well. Each dog is different, and each will have his or her own quirks and hurdles. It’s simply impossible to cover all the nuances of fostering a dog in one place.

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Since our organization is small, you can make a big impact by volunteering with us! Fill out this form to learn more about volunteering with our rescue.


When you sponsor an animal from Great Babies Rescue, you are creating a unique bond. We understand that not everyone can adopt, which is why sponsoring a special animal whose story touched your life is a popular alternative to adoption. The bond formed through sponsorship is one that keeps you connected to the progress of your special friend and gives you the rare opportunity to witness their growth over time. Your sponsorship of one of these animals helps provide for the work of Great Babies Rescue, which includes vet care, food, medicine(s), and daily necessities like shampoo, blankets, towels, etc. You can sponsor as many as you like; or sponsor one as a gift or a tribute in honor or memory of a loved one!

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